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There are few moments in life as exciting, invigorating and addicting as driving a car, kart, or motorcycle on a closed course, whether autocross, track or just a plain skidpad.  The website is dedicated to all things autocross and track related Motorsports.

Site owner and primary author, Chad Ryker

Chad Ryker has long held a passion for motorsports.  Growing up water skiing behind a 1970’s jet boat powered by a 455 Olds and riding 2 stroke dirt bikes provided lots of opportunity to appreciate power and learn how to turn a wrench.  Fast forward to 2009, when Chad did his first track day in the AutoXandTrack 1968 Camaro and that passion for motorsports focused into autocross and track driving pro touring muscle cars.  Since then Chad has gone down the spiraling path of more upgrades to the Camaro and attending an ever increasing number of autocross and track events.  Chad actively participates in the Optima Ultimate Street Car series, SCCA Solo in the Cal Club and San Diego regions and the NMCA West autocross series.  In addition, you can catch Chad at random track days and specialty autocross events.

Given that Chad is competing more than 50 days a year he sees a lot of great events, great drivers, and great cars.  Further, he has learned a lot about how to be successful behind the wheel.  AutoXandTrack is here to cover all of those things!

Some of Chad’s recent accomplishments include:

  • 2019 Season (In Process)

    • SCCA Fontana ProSolo CAM class winner
    • Multiple NMCA West Autocross wins in the Classic Muscle class, both in my car and in the TCI Engineering Mustang
    • 2nd place at the Pacific NorthWest CAM Challenge
    • 2nd place at Optima Vegas in driving points
  • 2018 Season

    • Optima Ultimate Street Car GTV Class winner – March Las Vegas event
    • Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational invitee (car displayed at SEMA)
    • SCCA Fontana ProSolo CAM class winner (national event with 26 drivers in class)
    • SCCA Crows Landing ProSolo/CAM Challenge Overall CAM class winner and CAM-T winner (national event with 27 drivers in class)
    • SCCA San Diego Match Tour CAM-T class winner
    • SCCA Solo Nationals CAM-T Champion!!!
    • Super Chevy Muscle Car Challenge winner
    • Drove the TCI 1967 Mustang to a GTV class winning performance.  However, we entered as an exhibition entry.
    • Numerous first place and podium finishes at other events
  • 2017 Season

    • NMCA West Hothckis Autocross Classic Muscle Season Champion
    • NMCA West Hothckis Autocross, tied for overall Grand Champion (lost tie breaker)
    • Optima (USCA) “three out of three” GTV class podium finishes
    • Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational invitee (car displayed at SEMA)
    • Optima Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) 4th place season points GTV (Vintage) class
    • SCCA CAM Challenge West CAM-T Champion
    • SCCA Fontana Pro Solo overall CAM Champion
    • SCCA Crows Landing Pro Solo CAM-T Champion
    • SCCA Cal Club CAM-T season Champion
    • Numerous first place and podium finishes at regional autocross events
  • 2016 Season

    • Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational invitee (car displayed at SEMA)
    • Optima USCA podium finishes in three of four events
    • Optima USCA 4th place season points GTV class
    • Class champion – NMCA West Autocross Classic Muscle season
    • Second place in season championship for combined CAM class in Cal Club region
    • Numerous first place and podium finishes at regional autocross events
  • 2015 Season

    • Rookie year with multiple first place finishes in NMCA and SCCA autocross events as well as Optima USCA Las Vegas “first timer” winner.
Autocross camaro spin
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