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The 1967 Road Race Mustang Build Part 1 & 2

I’m getting caught up with the 67 Mustang build videos on the AutoXandTrack YouTube channel. For those unaware my “turn key racecar” turned out to be a lemon.

Due to the poor rear suspension design and my experience with how well the TCI Engineering suspension works I made the decision to upgrade everything to TCI. AutoXandTrack is partnering with TCI Engineering and installing their Mustang pro touring IFS and rear torque arm setup. This will be partnered with the freshly rebuilt and revalved Ridetech tripple adjustable coil overs from the AutoXandTrack pro touring Camaro.

67 Mustang Build Part 1

Part 1 of the series is pulling the entire drivetrain from the car and then stripping off all of the existing suspension bits. You can watch it here:

67 Mustang Build Part 2

In this episode I give an in depth look at the massive amount of additional welding and reinforcements the original builder added to the shock towers and front suspension. The builder has another 67 Mustang that he runs in NASA’s American Iron Extreme racing series. Using his car as the model, my car was built to run time attack.

It is a pretty neat setup and as I mention in my videos it worked well the brief amount of driving I was able to do. However, I want the ability to potentially install a Coyote motor someday as well as the superior handling from TCI Mustang pro touring IFS.

I also walk through how I removed the strut rod brackets, shock towers and lower control arm and motor mount brackets. I estimate it took me about twice as long due to all the extra reinforcements! Check out the video!

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