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Ultimate Home Built Pro Touring Ford Falcon

Brent Jennings and his Dad show what talent and determination can accomplish when building a car in a home garage. Brent’s pro touring 1964 Ford Falcon is not only a gorgeous build. It’s also full of some unique one off parts they designed and made mostly with simple tools. Brent and his dad bought the car in 1999 from the original owner and promptly started a complete build. Initially the car was build for straight line performance but with the rise of pro touring g machines in the mid 2000’s Brent switched to building a car that could corner like a sports car.

If you prefer videos then be sure to check out the AutoXandTrack In the Paddock episode on Brent’s pro touring1964 Ford Falcon.

One Off Custom Modifications

Like so many who build pro touring muscle cars, the build is never done. Brent is always looking for the next upgrade and has constantly tinkered with the car to make it better. Though, my favorite part of this build are the one off parts which include:

  • handmade front bumper similar to the Mustang Shelby design.
  • three piece pistol grip shifter with falcon talon/beak
  • polished aluminum door handles/pulls
  • custom gauge cluster
  • custom center console
  • Scalloped side exit exhaust
  • Splined bracing between shock towers and flywheel (Looks super trick!)

Many of the above parts were designed with simple cardboard templates and then cut out with a band saw and finish worked with a grinder and drill press. Awesome!

The Drivetrain

At the heart of his black beauty is a monster of a 408w small block Ford pumping out a pump gas friendly 647 horsepower and 557 foot pounds of tire shredding torque! Built by the late Joe Sherman the OEM block is stuffed with forged internals boosting compression to 11:1. Topping the motor is a set of massaged 205 AFR cylinder heads and a Pro Systems Carburetor. A TKO 600 transmission and Currie 9″ axle help transfer the prodigious power to the ground trouble free.

Turning it into a Pro Touring Ford Falcon Corner Carver

It’s still on leaf springs! At least for a little while longer. Now that Brent has been bitten by the autocross bug he is planning on pulling out the Mike Maier leaf springs and panhard bar and trading them in for a Mike Maier Mod 2 torque arm Falcon setup. The front suspension started life with some bolt on Total Control Products bits. However, in the pursuit of greater performance Brent has been cutting and modifying the TCP parts and installing Mike Maier bits. With some wheel well mods he even managed to fit a 315/30/18 tire in the front under the stock outer fender! Though, Brent has dropped back to a 275 front tire to achieve almost a 1″ lower ride height up front. Finally, JRI coil overs help keep the newly designed Falken RT660 tires planted.

When you have over 600 horsepower on tap, brakes become even more important. Brent turned to Wilwood Disc Brakes for a proven setup to provide the necessary whoa. The system includes 6 piston Superlite calipers as well as drilled and slotted rotors.

The first time I met Brent was at a Cal Club autocross when I did my first ever autocross laps in the AutoXandTrack road race Mustang. and promptly broke it.

Check out more of Brent’s Ford Faclon and what he’s up to on his Instagram 64blackfalcon.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Home Built Pro Touring Ford Falcon

  • Duuuude!! This is one of my favorite cars of all time!! Thanks to you I was able to find it!
    When I realized Optima Drive event was coming to UMC here in Salt lake, I was really hoping to see you there! Maybe next year!?
    Your vids are fun and informative! Your enthusiasm is infectious! Keep em coming!

    • Thanks! I was really hoping to be there too. Snowboarding injury derailed my Optima plans this year. I’ll be back next year though!


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