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Pro Touring Camaro vs. Mustang, Round 2

The never ending battle between Camaro and Mustang continues autocross style on the latest episode of AutoXandTrack! Take two winning drivers and put them in TCI Engineering equipped pro touring muscle cars and fun things happen. Chad Ryker drives the AutoXandTrack 68 Camaro against Efrain Diaz in the TCI Engineering 67 Mustang. Round 2 of this battle goes down at the NMCA West Autocross 2020 season opener in Fontana CA.

Plus, we get to drive a Cheater Corvette!

Special bonus, we swap cars with Eric Sheely. Eric drives the AutoXandTrack Camaro and I get to take a few laps in the Sheely Collection C3 Corvette. Eric Sheely has proven to be a contender in this car at any event he shows up at. Whether that is the Optima Ultimate Street Car series or in this case the NMCA autocross series. Shout out to Eric for swapping cars and letting me take a few laps in the Corvette!

Watch the video to see what happens!

I misspeak at the 9:08 mark and say “Mustang guys” when I should of said “Camaro guys” lol…

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