SoCal Autocross Guide 2018

SoCal Autocross Guide – The Definitive Guide of Where to Autocross in SoCal

Last updated 2/9/2018

Those of us who live in Southern California are blessed for many reasons.  Not the least of which is the year round autocross and plethora of events and locations to do it at.  In fact, if you wanted to you could practically autocross every single weekend.  And whether that’s your goal or you just want to try it for the first time this guide should help.  The idea is to provide a basic overview of the cost, location, event structure and event frequency.  The SoCal Autocross Guide covers Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County.  Additionally, I’ve split the guide into three sections.  First, those clubs or organizations that are open to any car.  Second those that have some sort of restriction on the type of car. Third, specialty events that happen only once a year.

I will keep this a live guide and update if new venues become available or current ones change.  Please leave a comment if I’ve missed one or you have any questions.

Unrestricted Clubs / Events That Are Open To All Cars

Cal Club SCCACal Club SCCA Region Logo  

  • Typical event price – $35 for Championship Sundays (sign up 1 week in advance for this price).  $85 for Practice Saturdays
  • Location – Auto Club Speedway in Fontana with some summer events held at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine
  • Number of events – Monthly
  • Club Website –
  • Where to sign

Cal Club is the Los Angeles and Orange County regional arm of the SCCA. The SCCA’s offical name for autocross is “Solo.”  Championship Sunday events are held a minimum of monthly and nearly always include a practice day on Saturday.  These events are a great way to get seat time as the courses are large (usually around 60 seconds) and you can often get 20 runs attending Saturday & Sunday.  All in this costs $120 but provides 20+ minutes of seat time.  This makes Cal Club some of the cheapest seat time that I’ve found in the Los Angeles area of SoCal.  Another neat feature of Cal Club and any of the SCCA clubs is that class trophies are awarded for each event and there are seasonal championships for each active class.  Though to be eligible for season championships your must attend 50%+ of all scheduled Championship events.  

SCCA events are all volunteer and requires a work assignment (usually working the course).  Registration opens about 4 weeks in advance of the event.  Sign up by Friday to avoid a $10 in person surcharge

For those interested Cal Club offers an annual autocross novice school.

Video of a typical Cal Club autocross course at Auto Club Speedway:


SDR SCCASan Diego Region (SDR) SCCA Logo

  • Typical event price – $30 for Championship Sundays and $45 for Practice Saturdays
  • Location – Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego (uses two lots, 1 huge and 1 large)
  • Number of events – Monthly
  • Club

SDR is the San Diego Region arm of the SCCA. Championship Sunday autocross events are held a minimum of monthly and nearly always include a practice day on Saturday.  As this is an SCCA event it is all volunteer and requires a work assignment (usually working the course).   Also, SDR awards class trophies for each event and has seasonal championships for each active class.  Though to be eligible for season championships your must attend a minimum of 2/3rds of all scheduled Championship events.  But, all season championship eligible competitors will get a year end trophy recognizing their final placement in the standings.  San Diego Practice days are $45 for 10-12 runs and may be the best deal for seat time in SoCal.  But sign up early (as in day it becomes available) to ensure you get in.

Registration and sign up for Championship Sunday is done in person the day of the event.

For those interested SDR offers an annual autocross novice school.

Video of a Typical San Diego autocross course in the West Lot:


Nitto Cup NMCA West AutocrossNMCA West Street Car Nationals Logo

The NMCA autocross series consists of 4 two day weekend events.  This series is hosted by the Racing Byrds husband and wife team and has quickly grown in popularity and fun over the past few years.  As such, the ~85 entry spots always sell out.  The classes in this series are Compact, Sports Car, Modern Muscle, Classic Muscle, Truck and Unlimited.  Typically you get 7-8 runs each day.  The lot used is smaller than the SCCA lot so lap times are usually between 30-45 seconds.

Big changes for 2018!  Events will now be held in lot 6 at Auto Club Speedway which is the same lot the SCCA uses.  This lot is more than twice the size of the old lot NMCA used.  It will be interesting to see how Rob Byrd changes up course designs with more room to work.  Also, the title sponsor this year has changed from Hotchkis to Nitto.  Those who were familiar with the Hotchkis Cup will now be looking for a Nitto Cup!

A much coveted “Nitto Cup” is awarded at each of the four events based on the lowest average score of all two day driver entries across the weekend.  Since 2016 there are also Season Championship Nitto Cups for each class and an overall Season Grand Champion Cup.  These seasonal cups are based on your combined cup scores from all four events.

Video of the old NMCA autocross course featuring a 2015 Chevrolet z28 Camaro:

You can also read about the 2017 NMCA Hotchkis Autocross season opener event preview here.

Speed Limit Racing Speed Limit Racing Logo

  • Typical event price – $75 single day or $150 for Saturday & Sunday  
  • Location – Camarillo airport
  • Number of events – Close to monthly

Despite the announcements to the contrary Speed Limit Racing is still hosting autocross events at Camarillo in 2018!

Speed Limit Racing is another grassroots effort that has grown a lot in popularity in recent years.  The surface is fresh and they have great course designs despite the narrow runway constraints.  If you live in North LA and haven’t checked out this event you are missing out.  I believe sold out events are now getting around 15 runs a day of between 30-40 seconds.  Entry fee also includes a free catered lunch (often grilled fresh by the Wilwood guys!).

Older video of a Camarillo autocross course:


SpeedventuresSpeed Ventures Logo

  • Typical event price – $75 for a single day  
  • Location – Auto Club Speedway in Fontana
  • Number of events – 6-8 times a year

Speedventures is normally known for their road course track day events but they also do Autocross when at Auto Club Speedway.  The lot they use is smaller than the SCCA events so course times are usually 25-30 seconds long.  You can typically get up to 20 runs at an event.  However, they also offer an unlimited package that usually costs just under double and allows you unlmited runs with no run group restrictions.  Accordingly, Speedventures provides the maximum autocross seatime and runs in a single day.

Restricted Autocross Clubs / Events

BMW CCA – San Diego ChapterBMW Car Club of America San Diego Chapter Logo

  • Typical event price – $65  (requires BMW membership of $45/yr)
  • Location – Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego
  • Number of events – 3-4 times a year (need to confirm)
  • Club Website –

The BMW San Diego Chapter allows up to 10 non BMW cars to join on a first come first serve basis.  They use a class system for BMWs and all non BMW cars are lumped into an X class.  Typical event is 8 practice laps in the morning followed by 3 timed laps in the afternoon.

Porsche Club of America – Orange County

  • Typical event priceTBD  
  • Location – Orange County Great Park in Irvine
  • Number of events – approximately every other month
  • Club

I’ve heard great things about running with the PCA guys.  PCA’s autocross events are targeted towards Porsche car owners.  However, they do allow a limited number of non Porsche entries so try to sign up early if you don’t have a Porsche.

Specialty Autocross Events (Primarily targeted to Muscle Cars)

SCCA CAM ChallengeSCCA CAM Challenge Logo

CAM challenges first rolled out in 2016.  New in 2018 is that the California and Texas CAM challenges will be combined with ProSolo events.  Read all about what ProSolo is in our coverage article of the 2017 Fontana ProSolo.  Its one of the coolest forms of autocross and pairs perfectly with muscle cars.  It’s the only autocross where tire warming burn outs are allowed and you race head to head against the competition drag race style.

Optima Ultimate Street Car AssociationOptima Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) Logo

  • Typical event price – $250 one day or $500 for two days
  • Location – Auto Club Speedway in Fontana
  • Number of events – Once a year in September or October (other out of area locations available)
  • Event

The USCA events offer a two day and one day option.  The one day option allows you to just participate on Saturday in the autocross & speed stop events.  Two day participants also do a time trials style road course competition on the second day.  Only two day participants are eligible for seasonal points.  Announced at SEMA this year is a new affiliated series called OPTIMA World Championship Autocross series.  It remains to be seen if they will have any events in SoCal.  Though, the rumor is a prize purse of 6 figures.

Good GuysGoodGuys Logo

GoodGuys has two main restrictions.  First, Friday and Saturdays are open to American made or American powered cars manufactured before 1973.  However, Sunday’s are open to all American made or American powered cars regardless of year.  The courses are similar at each event and are typically very tight and a bit slower than most autocross courses.  Because they repeat sections of the course, the runs can be long (50+ seconds).  There are 4 classes: Pro, Street Machine, Truck and Hot Rod.  

Unfortunately, for a non pro class participant these autocross events offer limited runs compared to the required onsite time.  Typically, at the California events you get 3-4 runs per day but need to be there 8-9 hours to get them.  The good news is that when you aren’t running, you can walk around the car show and see thousands of cars.  Finally, your car and your autocross skills will be on display in front of the largest autocross spectator crowds found anywhere.  There are grandstands and you will often see people 3-5 deep around the fence on the weekend.  Just keep in mind that to make GoodGuys autocross spectator friendly K rails are setup close to the course so there can be huge consequences to a serious mistake or mechanical failure.

You can read about all the action about the 2017 Del Mar Goodguys autocross event here.

Muscle Cars at the StripMuscle Cars at the Strip Logo

  • Event price – $75 (one day) to $110 (3 days)  
  • Location – Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS)
  • Number of events – Once, April 21-23
  • Event Website –

Okay so this event is a little farther away for SoCal drivers.  However, the autocross is run by the Racing Byrds who know how to host a good time.  This is another all in one style of event where a car show is combined with autocross and drag racing.  Though the die hard autocrossers come for one thing only.

LS Fest WestLS Fest West Logo

LSFest West returns for 2018!  The original LS Fest event is now legendary among LS enthusiasts and is billed as a “Celebration of everything LS!”. The 2016 LS Fest was the 7th year and set new attendence records yet again with 500-1,000 cars.  2017 marked the first time Holley will be hosting an LS Fest accessible to the west coat.  This event has a long list of ways to challenge yourself and your car with: autocross, road course, drag racing, drifting, off road racing, dyno challenge and a car show.  Learn more about LSFest West by checking out our coverage of LSFest West 2017 here.

Street Machine Nationals – Believe this event has been discontinued.  TBDStreet Machine Nationals Logo

  • Event price – $45-65  
  • Location – Pomona Fairplex
  • Number of events – Once a year in April

Similar to GoodGuys this is an autocross inside of a car show.  Sadly, the lot used is quite small.  While 2016 was plagued with some growing pains, 2017 turned out to be a great event.  Check out the Street machine & Muscle Car Nationals Autocross write up here.

Want to try driving on an actual Racetrack?

Check out the multi-part guide that starts here: How to drive your own car on a racetrack

3 thoughts on “SoCal Autocross Guide 2018

  • July 18, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Thanks for all the great info. Speed Limit Racing will no longer be organizing autocross events in Camarillo. Darren posted the following on his FB account July 16, 2017:

    “This will be our last Camarillo Autocross event. Casey and I want to thank the 100’s of participants and volunteers over the 150+ events. I will be pursuing other car interests and community events. We had an awesome special run. Peace, Darren”

    • July 19, 2017 at 11:01 am

      Thanks for the reminder Clint. I read the same post on FB and forgot I needed to update the guide!

      • January 7, 2019 at 3:46 pm

        From what I understand events at the Camarillo Airport were restarted and then ended again as of June 2018. The airport is building something on the area that clubs were using for autocross and other motorsports/driving instruction. As of Jan 2019 there are no events scheduled in Camarillo for the foreseeable future. 🙁


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